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Jump Start with UpStart

Check out the 5 most important advantages of working with us!

Working with a recruitment agency has many advantages for you as a job seeker. We are a dedicated team working to find you your dream job! Let's go...!

1. Get access to the coolest high-tech startups!

We work with more than 100 amazing startups around Israel from bootstrap to unicorns, and from a unique variety of different industries. If you like food tech, sports tech, ad-tech, cybersecurity, health-tech, and more, we have many different types of opportunities. With us, you have options!

2. Get help from A-Z in the Hiring Process

As part of our job, we take the time to understand what the company is looking for and how to make sure to guide you successfully throughout the interviewing process. We always dedicate the time to each candidate, to understand what they are looking for, their goals and aspirations in their next role. From the moment a candidate has an initial interview with us, we make sure to take detailed notes so we can then best sell you to the companies you’re applying for.

Before sending your CV, we do a thorough check to make sure we send the best possible version of your CV to the company. We want to maximize your chances of landing your job. To top it off, we write a summary to showcase your skillset to the hiring manager, “why would you be the best fit”.

Even after sending your resume, our job doesn't end there! We always make sure to follow up and provide you with insights into how your process is going. We will update you with new info, prepare you for each round of interviews and give you tips and tricks to improve your chances of landing the job! We believe and understand that feedback is critical. Statistics shared by LinkedIn show that 94% of candidates want to receive interview feedback, but only 41% get it. If you work with us, we will make sure you get the feedback you deserve!

3. Our Personal Connection

“We´ve got connections and a huge network. That's part of our job. We always keep close and long-lasting relationships with hiring managers and CEOs, so we know what they are looking for and why you´ll be a great fit for them”, Petra Beck, Co-Founder of UpStart HR.

When you send your CV directly to the company, many times you are just one of a hundred candidates. So how would you stand out? Our clients trust us, and they believe that we provide only top-quality candidates. Therefore, if you apply for a job through us, we make sure that you’ll be seen differently in front of the hiring managers. At UpStart HR, we are happy to back you up as a reliable referral that companies trust. A study from CareerPlug shows that a referral makes a candidate 85 times more likely to be hired. Who would want to take advantage of that?!

4. New Opportunities Daily

By working with us, you always have a variety of amazing opportunities. We are constantly updating our job board, and reaching out when we have new relevant opportunities for you.

Your CV and detailed notes are in our database, so we can easily shoot you a message when a new opportunity pops up.

As experts in the job market, our team will suggest relevant opportunities that you are qualified for and introduce you to the hottest startups in the market.

5. Exclusivity

Many companies post their new open positions on their websites, however with more confidential roles companies entrust agencies. Therefore, the best place to check for a new opportunity first is with us! When we connect, we are able to show you the bigger picture and reliably provide you with new and exciting opportunities.

BONUS Tip: Last, but not least, it's free! We are just here to help🧡

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