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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Interviewing in 2023

While interviewing, “Do’s” are important, it is also critical to avoid common interviewing mistakes. Some may seem extremely obvious, but committing these cardinal interviewing sins may do more than just wreck your interview - it could hurt your chances of getting hired altogether. So save yourself the fuss and read on to learn exactly what you should avoid while interviewing for your next job in the new year!

Our Top 5 “Don’ts” of Interviewing

1. Don’t Be Late

It may seem straightforward, but being punctual is critical for the work environment, especially when making a first impression. If you don’t show up on time to an interview, your employer might think you would show up late to work.

Tip: Map out the route to the office in advance and plan to arrive early. Even if you are interviewing on Zoom, enter the link a minute or two earlier. It counts!

2. Don’t Lie

When you're put under pressure, you may be tempted to exaggerate things or bend the truth. Remember though, employers might follow up about what you said, perhaps with a reference. So better to be honest about your experiences.

3. Don’t Bash Your Previous Employers

While it should go without saying, we must remind you not to say bad things about your previous workplace - even if it was super toxic. Bashing your past employers doesn’t leave a good taste in your interviewer's mouth. This is a huge no-no!

Also, hiring managers want to see positivity and that you will bring great energy to the team. Being pessimistic and negative doesn’t exactly radiate “good vibes”. Plus, if you are being negative now about past employers, your interviewer may assume that you’d do the same to them down the road.

Leave the negativity at the door!

4. Don’t Brush Off Your Weaknesses

Many times in interviews, hiring managers or HR team members will ask you about a weakness. Of course, we prefer to talk about our strengths, but when asked about a weakness, don’t brush it off.

Try to find a weakness of yours, and then show how you overcame it. For example, if you have historically struggled with time management, you can talk about how you learned to implement various tools to face that challenge, like setting calendar reminders or having a daily meeting to regroup with your team.

Remember weaknesses are normal; everyone has them!

5. Don’t Let a Bad Past Interview Interfere With Your Current One

Last but definitely not least, don’t let a past negative experience in an interview affect your new one. While a past interviewing horror story could hinder your experience in the future, it’s important to remember to try to separate these experiences so that you can be successful in future interviews.

Now, get out there and crush your interviews this upcoming year. You got this!

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