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Is this new potential company a good fit for you?  

After a long and exhausting hiring process, receiving a job offer is one of the greatest moments in someone’s professional career. When taking on a new position, your decision should be about more than just the paycheck or job title but also ensuring that the company is also the right fit for you. When interviewing for jobs, you should look into what a company’s work culture and community are like as well. Here are 5 ways to determine if you’ll be happy at your next company before accepting a job.

1. Start with a List

Before beginning your job search, create a list of your must-haves. Whether it be your office location, flexible remote work, or the types of benefits the company provides, creating clear expectations will help you to find a company that is supportive of your needs. While you can always go back and make necessary adjustments to your lists, it is helpful to have one to start!

2. Do your Research

It is crucial to research a company to ensure your values and ideas align. Is the company focused on a market you find interesting? Do they promote something you genuinely see succeeding in the future? If your professional goals do not match a company's, then the job might not be the right fit for you. You don’t want to be stuck working for a company whose values you don’t agree with. Investigating a company first will make it clear if investing in their hiring process is worthwhile.

3. Interview the Hiring Manager

The best way to find out if a company is the right fit for you is to interview the hiring manager back. They should want to impress you as much as you are trying to impress them. Remember, they want you to want to work for them. By asking questions about both the specific position and the company's culture, it will give you insight into the workplace environment. This information is the best way to know if a company is truly the right fit for you. Also, if the hiring manager is going to be your direct boss, make sure you have good chemistry. It is vital that you feel comfortable around your potential new boss to have a positive work experience. No matter how cool a new company may seem, a bad manager can ruin an entire job. Lastly, if your interview is in person, try to observe the work environment and how employees engage with each other.

4. Salary matters, but it isn’t everything

Yes, your salary is important and demonstrates that a company respects your value and worth, but your compensation shouldn’t be the ultimate part of accepting a job. Even if a company offers excellent pay, don’t be afraid to turn a position down if it still doesn’t feel right. Remember to evaluate other parts of the job, such as the work environment and company culture, before accepting an offer. Money can’t buy happiness.

5. Don’t settle!

While the perfect job may not be out there, don’t accept a job that doesn’t feel right. Take a holistic look at what a job opportunity offers and make an informed decision after. I recommend taking a day or two to consider a job offer before accepting it. Trust your gut before making a final decision and don’t settle for anything less!

Getting extensive information about a company before accepting a job offer is the best way to find the perfect job for you. Understanding a company’s culture and the workplace environment is just as important as the job description itself. A job search is a two-way street, so remember that the hiring managers should also be trying to impress you. With all this information, you’ll definitely find the right company and job!

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