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Be the light among the crowd

8 ways to stand out during the interview process and achieve that miracle

You know the market is booming with jobs right now, which means there is definitely lots of competition for candidates. It is important to stand out from the crowd, so we came up with some savvy tips to help you shine in the interviewing process.

1. Do your research

Find out as much as you can about the company before the interview. Explore their website, Linkedin, and things that have been said about them. It is important to research the company's culture, mission statement, and background story. This way you will be able to adapt your answers and show how your background makes you a great fit for that position.

#Protip: Re-read the job description to think of examples from your prior work experience that aligns with those requirements.

2. First impressions matter

Walk into the office with confidence, be friendly to office staff, make eye contact, and know you look amazing in your interview outfit. A great tip for giving a good impression is the Chameleon Effect, which consists of imitating the interviewer's actions. When you mimic poses, tones, and expressions, people perceive you as someone easy to communicate with and a more empathetic person. Just remember not to exaggerate.

3. Answer questions like a STAR

Use the STAR method. Start explaining the Situation or context, your specific Task, the Action you did, and finally, the Result. Be careful not to lose focus on what you are being asked.

4. Quantify your success

Quantifying your accomplishments with specific numbers and facts shows that you can get results. Try to answer questions with data (i.e. how many people were impacted by your work or in what percentage did you exceed your goals at your last job)

5. Ask unique questions

Most employers will ask if you have questions for them, and you should definitely say yes! Try to avoid asking obvious things like information that is already available on their website or job description. Showcase that you did your research and that you are interested in the company. Some examples of good questions are: Does the company offer career growth and development opportunities? How do you measure success? What is the biggest challenge I would be facing in this role?

6. Be confident

Think of the interview as a conversation and let it flow without losing focus. You can even use a bit of humor if there is an opportunity. In case you make a mistake just let it go. Continuing and recovering from an error can even be seen as a skill.

7. Show your value

Think about a couple of creative ideas you will apply if you land the job. Show them what you can do, all the previous research you have done, and how you can add value to the company.

8. Be thankful and always follow up

Remember that making a good first impression doesn't just end after you leave the office. So, adding that personal touch and sending a “thank you” message will make you stand out from other candidates and show your gratitude for having this opportunity. It is also a way of showing your writing skills and creativity.

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