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3 ways to boost your Personal Brand and land your dream job

It’s not easy looking for a new job in 2020. Some of the most successful companies in the world have laid off thousands of employees and are looking to salvage a year that no one could have predicted. This means that there are more candidates on the market, less jobs to be had, and it’s even harder to network with new people to expand your personal network. This is why it’s become extremely important to focus on your personal brand and your digital presence.

Here are 3 ways you can immediately improve your personal brand and stand out while looking for your dream job:

Apply with a tailored resume that reflects why you are applying to a specific position/company:

  • Align your previous position(s) and responsibilities with the role you’re applying for. Ask yourself, does this experience matter for this type of role? The information that you provide on your resume helps a recruiter understand that you have the correct qualifications for the position. Use keywords found in the job description for help, especially when it comes to “hard” skills or “technical” skills.

  • Use an “about me” or “objective” section in your resume to highlight how your personal interests and the company’s interests align. Companies want to hire employees that are excited about their mission and they will look at your background to connect the dots.

  • Show your personality - recruiters receive hundreds of resumes, so get creative and use your personality. Apply with a resume that’s unique to you. Highlight your portfolio, write a cover letter, or design a resume that fits your personality. Check out for thousands of free resume templates.

Create a LinkedIn profile that matches your resume.

  • First impressions are important, which means it’s time to make sure your LinkedIn profile helps you and does not hurt you.

  • Get creative with your headline and your summary - the best headlines and summaries are clear, confident, and use searchable terms. Be authentic. Avoid spin and cliches but tell the world about yourself and why you are unique.

  • Build a community. Add your friends, colleagues, classmates and follow brands that you admire.

  • Engage with your community. Update your status with the types of projects you’re working on, the types of jobs you’re interested in, events you’re attending, and your opinions on a variety of topics.

  • Update your “open to” section so recruiters know exactly what to bring to your attention.

  • Finally, update your profile picture with a recent photo of your beautiful self!

Clean up your digital presence

  • Your digital presence doesn’t stop at your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media profiles that you maintain are employer friendly. When employed, you’re an extension of your employer’s brand if your social media is public so be mindful of what you post.

It’s easy to point out the people who really want the job they’re applying for. Their resume, LinkedIn and overall digital presence align with the job and the employer’s brand. Employers want to hire passionate employees who care about their mission and will add value to their organization. Use some of these tips to position yourself to land the job that you want. The 2020 job market is very competitive and the first few months of 2021 look to be the same, so make sure to put your best foot forward.

Check out our open positions today to see if any of these roles fit your personal brand:

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