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Tips & Tricks For Nailing A Job

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Looking and interviewing for a job can be really difficult and repetitive. Here are some helpful tips to help you through the process!

Before Sending in your CV

  1. Research the company in advance (social media, website, LinkedIn)

  2. Based on the research, tailor your CV to align with the job description. It must include quantifiable achievements relevant to the job you seek. Check out more of UpStartHR's blog posts for more in-depth tips for an exceptional CV!

  3. (net)Work, Work, Work, Work, Work. Look for any connections on LinkedIn. If there is a connection reach out! Learn more about the position / company. Many times job leads are uncovered by people who know you and want to help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out, it is easy to underestimate the power of recommendations.

  4. Ensure your LinkedIn is up to date

  5. In addition to the company, research the position and the market around it. What is the salary range you should expect? From what you can tell, is this a position they are always hiring for or is this something where they retain people?

Invited for the Interview...Now What?

  1. Check out the company on Glassdoor for reviews, interview tips, etc

  2. Make a list of stories / experiences to share that relate to the job

  3. Think of good answers for any gaps you may have in the job description (ex. If it is an account manager role and your experience in sales, how can you translate that experience

  4. Practice! Get a friend, mirror, camera, something to practice your answers to questions. Mock-interviews give you an opportunity to get feedback, build up your confidence and make sure that not only the words you say are right, but your tone and delivery and physical presence are what you want too.

  5. Do some background research on who is interviewing you

At The Interview

  1. Sounds silly but go to the bathroom before you get there! Nothing worse than being in an interview and being distracted by the bathroom

  2. Make sure you dress the part! If it is a casual office there is no need to wear a suit. If it is a more formal office, make sure you show up accordingly!

  3. Before going in, take a few deep breaths. Chances are your heart will be racing a little so this is a way to check yourself. This will help you to SPEAK SLOWLY and ARTICULATE. The speech aspect is especially helpful if you are interviewing in English and either you or the person interviewing you is not a native english speaker. This will avoid confusion and a lot of “what did you say?” experiences

  4. Your body should be helping, not hurting you. - Sit up straight - Make eye contact - Don’t fidget in your chair

5. Come in with prepared questions! It shows you did your homework and have an interest in the company

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