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How to Write a Summary Section on your CV

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Writing a CV can be an arduous task, especially since there is so much contradictory advice out there making it difficult to know where to start and what you really need. Experts from the Harvard Business Review assert that adding a cover letter when you are applying to jobs, has a 50% chance of helping you. In Israel cover letters are not common, however, adding a brief summary on your CV can have similar benefits. Read some tips on where to start and how to write it below.

So, what is a summary statement? You may have heard about it before it has many different names such as career summary, personal statement, professional summary, summary of qualifications, summary of experience, executive resume summary, etc. It is basically a short paragraph at the beginning of your CV. This short statement should sum up your professional skills and experience to give hiring managers a glimpse of your expertise before they even start evaluating your CV. The statement’s purpose is to show you unique value through your skills and accomplishments. Read our tips on how to write yours!


The first step is to do your research. It is important that you have an understanding of the company you are applying to as well as the specific job. You should be looking beyond the job description, try exploring the executives and employees' LinkedIn profiles, the company website, etc. This way you will get a better idea of what tone you should use in the summary by further understanding the company culture. Additionally, it is useful in order to find out the challenges the company is facing and how your role will function to address them. Research is essential; it will help you do better in interviews and in the job itself.

Strong impression

Your statement should make it evident straight away why you want the job and why you are suitable for it. In other words, start with the punchline, you have to try to get the attention of the hiring manager/s reading your CV at a glance, they are likely reading a bunch of them so you have to make sure to catch their attention straight away.

Highlight your value

Companies are looking to hire problem solvers! From your earlier research demonstrate your knowledge of what the institution does and what problems it faces by highlighting your relevant experience.

Writing a summary statement is basically a professional summary, it is a resume profile suitable for candidates with relevant experience, all you need to do is summarize your experience, achievements, and broadly-understood expertise and it can have an incredibly beneficial impact on your job hunt. If you are set on applying to a job where you don't have the relevant experience we recommend you write a career objective statement. Click here to learn how.

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