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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

In this day and age keeping a work-life balance may seem like an impossible challenge. The overall stress from a long workday can affect your health, relationships and overall happiness. Maintaining a healthy balance may mean different things to different people, but it is vital to find a balance that is right for you and remember to start small and take it from there.

Here are a few helpful tips:


Technology can be wonderful; it facilitates our lives in many ways, however, oftentimes it leads to workers' feeling that there is an expectation of accessibility throughout the day. This is why when you are on your off time it should truly be your off time. An expert from Harvard Medical School says that receiving work notifications in your own time injects an undercurrent of stress in your system. So find moments where you can leave your phone and truly enjoy the here and now.

Exercise around work

We all claim to not have time for this one, yet it is a vital need to humans that is often ignored. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good. Apart from the physical health benefits that it brings it is an amazing stress reliever for your mental health. If you don’t have time to go to the gym for a full hour try walking to work or generally walking whenever possible. You can also try home workouts; even 20 minutes can make a difference to your health.

Don’t be a perfectionist

As an adult, if perfectionist tendencies are taken to an extreme they can actually become destructive tendencies. Marylin Puder-York, Ph.D. says that neurologically and psychologically-speaking as life gets more complicated being a perfectionist gets more complicated and can lead to burning out. So don’t strive for perfection, strive for excellence.

Cut Down on Time-Wasting

In order to maintain a good work-life balance, you need to prioritize what is most important. This will help you be more productive, and in turn, open up more time for you to focus on your life outside of work. Whether it means cutting down on checking social media during work, or not going out the night before a long day at work, eliminating time-wasting tendencies will improve your work-life balance.

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