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Why Olim Bring a Competitive Edge to Your Company Culture - Expert Advice by Liat Gani

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Liat Gani, a prominent Human Resources expert, shares her insight on important topics such as integration and retention that can help your own business thrive. Her profuse experience incorporating diverse populations into the workforce translates to integrating olim into Israeli companies. Liat delves into powerful advice on three important topics for your business:

1. Why hire diversity?

Liat highlights the importance of hiring and retaining olim and diversity in general. There are many benefits for individual companies that come from this, the diversity of people leads to diversity of; perspectives, opinions, languages and a segway to reaching different markets. Additionally hiring olim serves a greater purpose for the market as a whole, in an economic and cultural sense. Regarding the former, an influx of immigrants in Israel is a prominent way to boost the country’s economy. As seen in the history of the Israeli market trend, the industrial economy was stabilized after the Russian Aliya. This economic advantage is an incentive for many companies. The former refers to the national mission that many Israelis and Israeli companies share, bringing Olim to Israel.

2. Maintaining a harmonious company culture

Working with contrasting cultures is favorable in many ways, however, many companies struggle with maintaining the company culture harmonious given culture clashes that tend to happen in global companies. For this reason, Liat suggests not only capacitating the hiring manager but implementing strategies to help with the social side as well. It is challenging to manage employees from diverse backgrounds in an Israeli company due to the language barrier, cultural differences and the difference of the basic rules that are used to hire in each country. It is indispensable for the organization to know how to involve it’s employees, to do so the hiring manager must take a workshop to enable them to manage people from different cultures. Aside from that, it is important for new foreign employees to have a “buddy” for the social aspect of integration, at least for the first few months on the job. Attending to this social side will avoid the employees feeling strange in the company. In Israeli culture often times people don't take the time to ask private questions, so having a “buddy” is essential for these little questions. If there is HR in the company, the owner of the process must take care of the soft skills and make sure they have everything they need.

3. Grow and Retain Talent

In the interview, Liat also talks about how to grow and retain talent in general, not just olim. Before startups have a substantive growth spur it is vital to begin thinking about their HR strategies in order to retain their employees. After a startup raises money it begins recruiting very quickly, it’s important that this growth is also reflected in their employee capacitation. If the company grows without this many times it will face a drop in retention rate. Twenty years ago leading companies such as Intel would offer a variety of benefits to their employees as a retention strategy. In this day and age, it does not suffice to offer mere benefits to employees, their motivation is ignited by finding meaning in their work and working in a company that aligns with their beliefs. It is beneficial to keep this in mind as your startup grows since making your company a wholesome environment is an important resource for success.

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