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Enterprise Customer Success



Our amazing client has built the leading user review platform for enterprise technology. They have been called the “Yelp for enterprise tech” by The Wall Street Journal and covered by USA Today, Wired, and many other publications. 

Their customers include VMware, Dell, HPE, Cisco, and others. 

Why You Want To Work With Us:

  • Customer Success drives our innovation – Customer Success is an extremely important department in the company. Feedback from the customers influences our product roadmap, and you will be at the forefront of that effort.

  • We are Already Successful - We’re a profitable startup! We just raised $30M in Round A after having been bootstrapped and cash flow positive for multiple years.

  • We’re Flexible – Come into the office 4-5 hours a day then do your evening hours at home in your pajamas.

  • We Sell BIG – We’re a startup but our customers include IBM, Oracle, Dell, Microsoft, VMware, SAP, NetApp, HPE, and many of the largest companies in the world.

  • Not just another SaaS company – Every program we run is tailored to our customer’s needs and provides strategic value to organizations on different levels.

  • We’re Bright and Focused – Work in a small, tight-knit group of highly engaged and intelligent people.

  • Thank God for Sundays – Sundays are work-from-home days for the Customer Success Team to recharge and organize for the week.

What You Need to Excel with Us

  • The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of either:

  • A background in tech marketing and marketing campaigns with customer-facing experience

  • Customer Success Experience working with tech marketers/salespeople - Or ideally both of the above

  • Our customers are enterprise tech marketers and you need to understand their world well to show them value. We serve as marketing ‘thought leaders’ and our customers rely on us for strategic marketing direction for the programs we run with them.

  • You will be working with our Tier-1 accounts (IBM, Dell EMC, VMware among others), any experience working with large enterprises is a huge plus.

  • Personable – you need to be someone who loves interacting with people and gets fired up from showing value to customers. You need to be able to form strong relationships with our customers so they trust and rely on you.

  • Communication - The ability to clearly communicate goals, value, and ROI are key.

  • Innovation/Creativity – “We don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do – we hire them to tell us what to do”. We move fast and are always thinking creatively about how to continuously improve our products and processes and you will be a key part of that.

  • Disciplined – We’re flexible about where we work but we work long hours and love it. We give 120% to our customers, and that’s why they love us.

  • Team Player – You want to build something great with us and be part of an all-star team. The Customer Success team works with every department and is key in moving the business forward and keeping us on the path to success.

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